Before ordering our service, please review the terms to be sure they suit you.

  • Booking date. The date is assigned to the client after making a prepayment. The prepayment is not refundable if the photosession is canceled by the client. Photoshoot can be rescheduled for another date one time.
  • Edited videos/photos are issued within 3-6 months through link with a private online gallery. They can be downloaded from the link received within 1 month
  • The cost of the shooting includes only processed photos in MOV/JPEG format
  • The original photos/videos in raw format remain with the operator, as they are part of the trademark, but can be bought for different price.
  • The photographer selects photos at his discretion
  • The photographer reserves the right to use photos as promotion / portfolio, unless it is agreed otherwise
  • Confidentiality doesn’t have extra cost, but we kindly ask you to inform in advance about the confidentiality of shooting
  • Before ordering a shoot, be sure to check our portfolio and make sure that the style of the photos suits your taste
  • We reserves the right to change the cost of photosessions. However, if you have already booked the shooting, the original price is assigned to you
  • By booking a photo-, videosession, the client agrees with the conditions above

If you have any questions, please contact us in any way that suits you. We highly value our customers and always try to meet them!